Dear Mummies, Postpartum hair loss is totally normal!

Taking care of a newborn is stressful enough and can put a lot of strain on your body, as can breastfeeding. 

Even though no specific treatment is required, it is still advisable for mummies to use a gentle shampoo and minimise activities that might result in excessive hair loss, such as rough combing and brushing of the hair, or tying it into very tight braids or buns. 

And if postpartum hair loss is driving you crazy (like me!), you ought to find a product that prevents further breakage and protects your hair from chemicals. Ginger shampoo should be your go-to solution for hair fall induced by hormonal changes or environmental factors. 

The deeply nourishing shampoo stimulates hair follicles and induces hair growth. Ginger is known to boost hair growth and improve hair loss and baldness. Additionally, the nutrient-packed shampoo for postpartum hair loss nourishes the scalp and damaged hair roots and tips.  Results are quick and highly noticeable with regular use.